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Non-Potable Water, Septic Service

No need to rely on Cousin Eddie to get the job done, instead kick back, relax and let the professionals at Castle Valley take care of all the essentials and the dirty work too!

Have your trailer and/or external water tank filled up with non potable water and septic tank emptied without ever having to hitch up again! 

Firewood, Lawn Maintenance and Propane Service

To ensure the utmost relaxing experience while you stay with us, on-site Firewood Delivery, Lawn Maintenance, as well as, Propane Refill service are just some of the many attributes Castle Valley Campground is happy to offer its Campers.

Our split firewood is of exceptional quality at an affordable price!

Trailer Moving and Storage

We are no longer able to provide moving services, we suggest calling a tow company or hot shot service for assistance. Storage is available nearby by a third party which we can direct you to but is a separate entity and is not affiliated with CVC in any way. On site year round storage is not permitted, however, decks and sheds may stay with the renewal of your site. 

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